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of trance ; their absence, no conclusive proof of death.

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gradually pass oft', the patient regaining consciousness, but

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sation, should be appropriately treated. A daily bath suitable

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the organism or of articles of food, represented in the formation and

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medical men, that it was hardly worthy of notice, and had

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videret^' (Roncaglia) — being deprived of it, through a

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The patient must be impressed with the necessity of giving

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attended with different results. Mr. Gould had seen two

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and more unfortunately even among some members of the

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der foundation. There are certainly amongst the large body

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without due regard to cleanliness; from persons laboring under

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In femoral hernia Czerny merely ties or sews the neck of

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and by subsultus tendinum. In some cases, the cerebral affec-

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croscopically will detect the characteristic crystals.

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general dissatisfaction, and its discontinuance will be a ma-

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from school a sufficient length of time. The stools being in-

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icals. But, strange to say, with the exception of two or tlirea

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Treatment. — In catarrhal laryngitis, the treatment is simple.

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makes siicli rapid progress that these patients must be

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overcome, such as early muscular contractions, etc. ; but mainly

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Chloroform, lie thought, was especially contra-indicated

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mental consignment, but it appeals to the medical and phar-

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possession by persons obtaining that qualification of

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cf its symptomatology, and the diagnosis of its diseases, of its

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Animal heat is generally also increased, but not usually in pro-

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They are developed very gradually, and, unless there are some

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Upon recommendation of the Medical Director of the Department,

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