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In the great silence of dread that ensues after the

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is somewhat swollen, the look is vacant; the respiration op-

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lating in the stomach is removed by vomiting; here we have

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gical staff are, for the most part, held by the professors in the Col-

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the operation the symptoms appeared — nausea, vomiting,

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above are of greatest energy during the first two weeks.

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ciple, and which impairs the power of resistance to disease, and

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chagrin, or of immoderate laughter, should be studiously

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pharynx at the ninth annual congress of the American Laryngo-

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there are evident lesions of digestion, and yet the stomach is

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preference over digitalis. In cardiac disease, under its use, the

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the oami]) liosirital, and after a diagnosis the man was at once

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some there is marked febrile action and arrest of secretion, in

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gratifying improvement in the general health. This treat-

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situations, occasionally with a feeling of burning or heat, and

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Then selecting the remedies with reference to this examina-

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of the head and face ; the pulse is rapid, strong and full ; the

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Spermatorrhoea is, to a considerable extent, a mental disease,

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dative as the pulse is small or large. Rhus will be added if

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the oesophagus, greatly aggravating the patient's condition.

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of Veratrum, Gelseminum, rarely of Digitalis, and never of

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tions. Some recommend the use of an emetic, which will

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extravasation of blood, and especially of its coloring material,

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the disease may be, if the stomach will kindly receive and ap-

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by bellows, is good for nothing, although still recom-

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