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very early stages. I know that by my own experience covering
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One great objection to this procedure is the time required
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ease, that it is rheumatism ; if but one, and there are no gen-
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The deep-red, slick tongue, showing through a film as it were
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strength there is being attributable to the continued suffering
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in ten grain doses every three hours until the tongue clears.
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into a great state of unnecessary indignation. With not
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Triturate thoroughly, and divide into twenty powders, of which
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1. Incision. (Volkmann). An incision is made from the ex-
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I have looked over two of my case-books, containing rough
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derangement. He firmly believed that hysteria in women
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creased temperature is maintained, the disease progresses.
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through the State Societies, which, being already organized,
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slight pufhness, and the peculiar shining appearance of the
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tary medical men. There were but two toasts, His Majesty and
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albumenoids present in the digestive canal of the infant the most
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but what was meant by ir, it would be difficult to find out.
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ones a decoction of Baptisia, used as a gargle, will be sufficient.
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urinary organs below. It is most frequently confined to one
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of tissue, and arrest the process of degeneration. Evidently
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disease is studied with especial reference to the use of reme-
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the structures become so sensitive that the succussion gives
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substances in so small a proportion that they can only
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the contents of the thorax is increased by the presence of
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great liberality in providing accommodation for the medical school,
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the fourth annual conference of Health Officers, which took
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when we must interfere and assist, whether to interrupt or
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did not call for it, she aroused sufficiently to swallow a small
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Post-Mortem Examination. — The liver is found in various
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light and slightly raising the lid, the faulty hairs being seen
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Examiner in Surgery to the Universities of London, Glas-
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Dr. Chisholm says that he lives in a country where the
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have been subject to severe irritation and vascular excitement.
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Remedies in small doses, to act principally upon the mucous
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for medical reasons. '•''Ad ipsos (sc. medicos) non pertinety
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convenience or comfort of the obstetrician. He thought

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