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suette infantile. In this form the prodromata closely resemble

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physician, therefore, against sins of this kind is to make

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1 have had a leather case constructed, which will con-

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depend upon the looseness or shortness of the connective tis-

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and the coating of the tongue assumes a shade of brown, with

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amount advantageous to the patient may be determined by its

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Capsicum are good preparations for this purpose. Give in

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it is opened. In other cases, when the pus is discharged the

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wildness of his countenance, and constant watchfulness, will

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all erythemas caused by (artificial) irritants, whether accompanied

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tion to the sides of the throat should be immediately adopted.

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stretching of the same. If a diseased limb, such as the

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In his presidential address on " The Relation of Pathology

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gone out of date, we see but few cases, and these among per-

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As a stomachic in this case, I prefer Quinine with Hydras-

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before a choleraic diarrhoea appeared. And I do not know

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absolutely necessary as a surgical hospital for injuries which call

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ity ; the secretions are still further arrested, the heat and dry-

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This series of publications presents a unique departure in medical

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thinned by the accumulation of pus, finally forming a con-

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baths as may be indicated by the condition of the patient.

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cause of trouble, and one which should be sought out and

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In all things the life of the patient is the first consideration,

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choroid, choroiditis disseminata; this affection is rare, and is seen

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Diagnosis. — In the first form of the disease, the symptoms

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portion of brandy being allowed, if absolutely necessary.

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Means to restore the tone of the stomach, is of great im-

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