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ism in this State during the past year! \\ Western parlance

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The first evidence of ministers' sore throat, is a sensation

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or by too frequent indulgence soon after marriage. At other

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tenderness on pressure, hard or wiry pulse, and marked con-

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scoop and cauteries, and perhaps some benefit would have re-

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passive hemorrhage the pulse is soft and feehle, and the ex-

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that they do not give rise to irritation, and that they are so

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diseases never occur at the same time; every one occasionally

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by the dotted lines — the temperature of the commencement

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have are not developed even as early as twenty-one.

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plained of. The morbid sensibility of the hypochondriac is

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This step on the part of the San Francisco authorities, is

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of iinancial loss, we believe that the real aspect of the case is

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means, has five times as good a chance of reaching the age of

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plications we have Iron, Veratrum, Salicylic Acid, Sulphurous

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water tap had been boiled, they have no compunction about wash-

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cious use of nauseants ; from the stronger diaphoretic means,

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stances of this class, yet sufficient, I hope, to awaken interest

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during the past summer has been making an investigation of the

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If the disease could be thus modified, and there can be no

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digestible food, from worms, from irritation of the bowels,

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arrest the disease. This treatment, with the constant use of

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the spermatic, hence all the pelvic viscera sympathize iu a

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to a sufficient depth through apparently healthy tissue. If two foci

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curing the most desirable service at the lowest rates.

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bowels are moved, and amounting to quite severe pain if the

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phosphites, with a small portion of Sulphur and Quinia, is very

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parts, and finally the whole body is more or less swollen and

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because the word typhoid, in the public estimation, is the name

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Major Blencowe E. Fryer, Surgeon, with permission to go be-

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three times a day, after meals; and the Triple Phosphate ot

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