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the patient complains of frontal headache. Gelseminuni if

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Paralysis, appears to have had more successful cases than

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formidable than a journey between any two points in Europe.

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posed to be caused by what is generally termed marsh malaria,

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I be so unfortunate as to have another case. It is given in

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in pei sons old enough to gargle the throat; but when a child

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was devoted to a memorial meeting in honor of those distinguished

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disease, and the remedies used as named, the reader will have

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with the addition of Cloves or Ginger to prevent its griping.

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inner condyle, ag'ainst the condyle, in bleeding of planta pedis ; of tiie

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stances of this class, yet sufficient, I hope, to awaken interest

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Globe, may never get a chance to locate on the free

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boards had to come to the point of getting advice from

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evidence of general venous congestion. Dropsy is a very fre-

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ters do not always exhibit sufficient change to account for the

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are probably infected from some common source, as vegeta-

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out by cupping-glasses. The cauterization of such wounds,

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could be seen with difficulty. There was also slight haziness'

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Symptoms. — The evidences of onanism are at first circum-

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In respect to the contents of the thorax, if the spongy lung

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very easily overcome. I do not see how such a proceeding

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the body, transversely, and local paralysis. Hemiplegia we

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heat is deemed sufficiently accurate for all practical imrposes,

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ally pale, tissues not pinched. The remedy is — 1^ Tincture

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vous affection. We had an instance of this in the case of a

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portion of radius being at a slight angle as regards the prox-

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bone, simulating neuralgia, the pain is frequently tensive and

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from some cause, it retrocedes; in this case, the same alarm-

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expect that women, at least of the cultivated classes, will

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clot, and that it depends upon a state of irritation, propagated

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the canula freely and brought with it a large clot. The operation

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