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Likewise, if in consequence oi procidentia of the umbilical

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or the alkaline diuretics, in the more marked cases we would

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is very much lessened. Even if no success is attained,

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A Practical Medical Dictionary of words used in Medicine,

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sional eye. These signs, however, show nothing more than

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reduction, the patient should at least be placed as above

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in the polydipsic symptoms of diabetes. In the case recorded two

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ilton ; Capt. Bethune, Hamilton ; Capt. Cole, Toronto.

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this, as well as the quick pulse and constitutional symptoms

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ing of the Committee, the late President had not sent in his address.

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formed at Bellevue Hospital. The patient was sent to him

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io be found in the constitution of the bile, but in the case of

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more intolerable than others, for instance, of the ear, the

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strengthen the opinion, that we have to suppose two souls

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may elapse before the function of the nerve is restored."

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for the relief of the Belgian Medical and Pharmaceutical pro-

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All the symptoms are those of prostration, and we may re-

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Syphilis is a disease of so grave and frightful a nature,

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inflammation of the lungs, where it has been of such extent

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The first meeting of the Kings County Medical Associa-

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dinis, pericidi abortus j scandali^ difficuUatis, etc^ ut ait Con-

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Wm. Lang Chapman, San Francisco; Coll. of Phys. and Surgs.,

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profession throughout the Province, and will prdbably result in

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appear about the neck, breast, arms and abdomen, and occa-

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to remove the sponge and squeeze out the moisture which

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before his eyes. The frequency of these attacks increased,

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Any amount that the doctors or druggists feel like con-

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organs are not liable to suffer from the irritation accompany-

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in a state capable of giving rise to sympathetic inflammation.

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wise. Remedies that act on the liver, as the Sanguinaria,

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and constant, and months have been spent in unavailing treatment.

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vulva and pull, at first downward and later upward, to con-

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