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been discovered in bones found in Egypt, which are considered to date back
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various .liliiti.uis at wlii.-h A is nieasure.l. Kr..iii "hut Ims l...eii sai.l c
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the stimulation of the res]iiratory <'enter is liro\ip:lit aliout solely liy C,
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iiii laniiclcar activity and are miirplinln^ieally idisitical.
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in almost all bodies examined (less frequently in advanced age), from the
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instances the factors of trauma, wear and tear, and the tendency to degenera-
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Combination mit periodische auftretender paroxysmaler Lfthmung, DetU, Zeit.
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111.' \aK,'s f,.r a |'.'ii...l ..f tin,.' I',.f,'i, tl liS,'M af ion. 'Hie r.'spiratory niovemonfM
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^I'lllllnll kI {iIIM .P'MI, .IImI, .lllrr ill'- .jl'II.V !>• M'l, till' slillllillll lllnlll
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frequently involved. The change in color to white, blue, and red occurred
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liuiscles is to reu'ulate the tone of the intercostal spaces and so pievcir
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causes must be eliminated, which is usually an easy matter.
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equably, and in smaller quantities at once, the ac-
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'"'• ,'"1 l'"lll,,l„M :,.,!. M ,,,„..., ,|,,, w. ,!,„„•.. ,,
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persist, however, nephrotomy may be necessary, especially in ascending
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the cases of Paget's disease were taken is susceptible of considerable further
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i|iieiice of which, when en/ynies are used to accelerate the reaction, the
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especially at the apex, conducted into the axilla; sometimes the same or a
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M:ih\ nliservers |ia\e elailiieil thai the expailsinii nf the |iiiim ,hies mil
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The outlook in a given case often depends much on the intelligence of the
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An antagonism between the fimction of the thyroid and parathyroid glands
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Trauma at birth has not been noted in any instance. About eighteen
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^ ciiiniiiir from the chief lenler. Iiut when these iiiipnises no loli!.'el
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hidebound. Over the front of the chest the skin was reddened, a little
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the costochondral articulation. The rosary b usually much more promment
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of Southern Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Mexico, Egypt,
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clad, whether in or out of bed, in order to avoid danger of exposure to cold.
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this nature, as it is less liable to be clogged with
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The susceptiliility of dilTerent iinlividuals also varies accordin<j to tlie
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iiiriliiic siiiiiiils I'lii'si' (•iiiisisli'il 111' ii iiiiiii' or ll•s^ ii;ri(l liilic fiiriiishfil ,ii
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The following varieties of sl.oek have l.e.'ii ileseril.iMl:
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possible. And yet it must be recognized that if the primary lesion neals,
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treatment is often ineffective, the solutions are irritating, and the ointment
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itiiiil is extreme. y thin at these ])lai'es 1 l'"iy;. TM',
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minute as hotwcen •_>.>< and S.7 liters, wliicli wiiuld correspond, al •
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have found not onlv in the glands from cases of Hodgkin's disease, but of
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thirty-four thirty-fifths will lie saturateil, and so
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gravity, the abundance of albumin, the numerous casts and the blood, stand
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The Kxamiiiing Ph3r8ician. — ^The examining physician must be one of record
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-'^!l'. Iiiiiv'rnin >.|i.iv\iii^ III.' iiiniii (..-nt^ i.T lli.' :iiitiiii..inj. ii.'i \ .nis s\~li'iii l.i !..■
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udl he -reat.'r than that pro,lueed hy stimulating either alone with douhlV
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to 300 grams (Facge mentions a pair of kidneys weighing 29 ounces), and
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'J. The \ciit rieular complexes i<^-!i-S-T \av<'s^ occur in irreirular so-
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