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is in proportion to the amount of gurgling; a deep gurgling or

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must be examined. These are : the haunches, or the lower

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casts of the urinary tubules. A dirty- white sediment is fre-

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point of attendance and in the general excellence of the work

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tion in diseases of the lungs from auscultation and percussion.

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son to believe that it is a continuous cause of disease to the

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Questions of heat and cold, of ventilation, can all be grouped

vigorex only natural

the Toronto group, and the small Canadian band crossed to

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season, and it afforded a large number of the profession, together

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return fbr duty. From these two sources seventy-two carriers in

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colored, swollen, and friable. The lungs seem to have suffered

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stomach requiring the heat, but in others it does best when ice

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duced by rubbing a lock of hair between the fingers near the

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or less adamantine. The position of this debris behind the second

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followed by warm applications. If pus should form, the dys-

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of his treatment in the whole of his cases as being more than is rep-

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I state here that Ballerini is not accurate in his quota-

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upon the use of Cod-liver Oil, the bitter tonics and Iron,

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we will sometimes find that careful attention to these means

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culpable end will not be attained. Scavini emphasizes

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the accident of pollution. Persons of a sanguine tempera-

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application of the ligature, the patient should keep quiet until

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ut non ampUus possit separari^ imde esset quid et magis

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of weight and oppression in the prsecordia, and of difficult}' in

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thirst still continues and is frequently intense; but the appe-

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supra-vaginal amputation of the cervix the patients aborted — re-

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by extreme sensitiveness and fear of pain ; by either vivid

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