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chaotic nomenclature." Again, in estimating the degrees of

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quently involved, and developing the dermoid cyst which you ha\e

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water, and closely covered in with a blanket, should be imme-

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122° F.) are to be recommended. Loewenthal relates several


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corps of physicians to systematically visit the tenement house popu-

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If the tongue is heavily coated from base to tip, with a

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As these symptoms develop, the testicle increases in size,

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of both bones were resected. The result was highly satisfac-

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flat bones, fastened at one extremity by ligaments, and at the

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by dipping the subject, or by pouring the water on it,

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air ; and sudden transitions from a cold to a hot climate induce

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and tongue, Hushed appearance of face, oppressed circulation,

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complain of a sense of weight in the hypogastrium and peri-


bution to all parts of the system, and to lessen its rapidity.

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neys, uterus, etc., is found diseased, and as the epilepsy made

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