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the transudation of the intra-ocular fluids. Atropine, by its

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usually not only increases in intensity as time progresses, but

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bicarbonate of Soda to water, to make a pleasant drink, and

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in doses of ten or fifteen drops. The influence in this case is

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are very sensitive, and do not tolerate the laryngeal mirror

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Eclectics, the fourth has been used to some extent in England

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relieved by eructations. The pulse is generally weak, irregu-

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A series of cases in which an attempt was made to introduce

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committee will no doubt be of much service in bringing the Board

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typhoid symptoms? If the mouth is moist, the tongue is dirty;

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before the Medical Society of London on May 2d; he took

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and dirty, give Sulphite of Soda. If the skin shows a jaun-

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though at last always compensated by curvature of the lumbar

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the important foreign languages gladly avail themselves of transla-

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with petechia? or vibices between the pustules, and sloughing

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to the naked body. Suah a xqyj special objective exami-

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liminary infection of the mother may be classed as among

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believe that the more prominent have been alluded to, and

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in blood employed to clear them. Answering the question, whether

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remember that all papers, reports, correspondence, etc., mutt be in our hands by the first of th«

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paramount importance in this disease, which is one of the

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generally attended with the development of one of the adven-

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Superficial Ulceration. — According to Habershon, the

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eases is generally possible, even in the last stage. But in

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education of the public in this regard is largely in the hands of

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region, an increased dullness on percussion, and an increase

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