Zandu Vigorex Dosage

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pound Powder of Khubarb and Potash, in infusion, or the
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physical change the blood can not pass through them freely.
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in all works on practice, and frequently mentioned in period-
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But to cause pollution is forbidden in itself, and tliose
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may be repeated every second or third day, until it overcomes
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war, or when Belgium can be reoccupied by its own population.
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Lycopus is a most excellent remedy for the relief of cough
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crystalline, in which case it consists of uric acid.
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nied with dullness on percussion, especially marked over the
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sional inhalations of one part of vinegar to three of water, and
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be given in mucilage, with Compound Syrup of Rhubarb, or
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A New Instrument for Performing Optico-ciliary Neurotomy.
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the only ho^^e of our country, are being mown down by want and
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of Chlorinated Soda or solution of Sulphate of Zinc. In place
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hernia was long and vigorously discussed; in the Therapeutic Section
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increased secretion of tears, and it may be a little hoarseness.
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resistance: thus, if situated on trie right side, it will open
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evacuations of cholera patients. The fluids thus discharged,
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was convicted, as we understand, against the direction of the
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flammatory action being very acute — and a single case of ova-

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