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uanha, Colocynth or Ilamamelis, will accomplish it, but this

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closing the uterine sinuses before coagulation can take place

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been recognized as cases of meningitis at all had it not been

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dreams, and especially erotic ones 5 the position, therefore,

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and a prospective importance. The first step should be the

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closed ovum should be baptized after the ovum has been

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the stomach, but originates from the brain, or ensues

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The Carbo-veg. is a very important remedy in typhoid dys-

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o\' cholesterine, mixed with the coloring material of the bile.

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produce indirect sedation and answer in place of the direct

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and vomiting, there i3 little use to temporize with it; a thor-

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relieved by eructations. The pulse is generally weak, irregu-

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established, we would be remiss in our duty if we allowed tem-

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disease, which influences all cases of sickness. A very little

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responsibility; but in country practice we cannot always

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charaomile-tea, or a disinfectant solution prescribed by the

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Pneumatic Differentiation — Dr. F. C. Shattuck, in the

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having been affected with rheumatism of some portions of the

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as pain is an important feature : Macrotys, Bryonia, Rhus,

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plectic seizure is followed by paralysis, usually paraplegia.

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been polluted by a quarter of a million of people. If this water

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for the last eight days, with vibices, and gangrenous eschars

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organs, which suffer as well as the blood, and if sedatives are now administered,

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strict cleanliness, and always used glycerine and carbolic acid

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relied upon to hold the nerve ends together until union is

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many cases give what I believe to be facts, without adducing

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the patient is first seen there will be simply an ulcerated sore

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tition, was awarded to Dr. B. Farquar Curtis, of New York,

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