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similar condition of both lungs, there is no means of compavi

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disappearance of long-continued swellings often indicates

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end, tactiis impiidici between married people can be re-

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glance; but it is a difficult matter to determine the condition

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the patient is wakeful, we employ the means heretofore named.

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are gathered together in herds. We have no authentic account

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stay entirely in the house on days on which it would be ot

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those thus indicated. The reader is again referred to the

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sciatic nerve, we will find firing, or the a [(plication of a hot

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stimulants. The remedies are drawn from the class of anti-

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A Text-Book of Hygiene : A Comprehensive Treatise on the Princi-

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disease commences, the symptoms of the latter are often very

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Headache, arising from ocular causes, is very frequently

is virectin a good product

sometimes been called bilious cholera. Bilious diarrhoea is

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required consideration. In addition to its germicidal powers,

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or their enclosures, to account for the disease ; if there is, the

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region of the heart, of a lacerating or rending character;

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be enforced ; the spinal cord cells are still in the inflammatory

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of Potassium, in doses of one or two grains every hour, as

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investigation of neurological tissue is entirely beyond

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piece of paste-board, or a thin board, etc., beneath the screw.

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gesting that they did not ask the questions necessary to discover

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who is grievously ill receives graces for his soul, and

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ease is fully devoloped, the symptoms can not he mistaken ;

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objection that, in danger of abortus, or premature delivery^

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most intractable, and sometimes prove fatal. When associated

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the feet are cold, a hot Mustard foot bath is very useful, and

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I have had most marked success with the Epilobium in very

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mercury, after a course of treatment, to months rather than

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