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experienced business men who refused to be identified

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spinal cord, but upon some outside irritation, the paraplegia

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drink, and partly from imperfect aeration of the blood.

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of this operation some interesting experiences were related before

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violent flagellation with a heavy discipline on soft parts

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loins, with a dull, obscure pain, sometimes referable to the

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Court. Application for anew trial was made and was de-

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moval of the forceps before complete emergence of the head —

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how many victims of their beastly lust will be ruined by

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linseed oil, should be used to moisten the rags. Lacera-

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continuous irrigation is not needed, the cyst wall having undergone

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has been dubbed " Stenocarpine." A two per cent, solution in the test

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water until temporary relief is obtained. Internally we may

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1887, Dr. H. Armagnac reports a case in which several re-

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but this would be indefinite, and some Lave no principles in

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few days. This fortunate result was due to the precautions taken

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Under the old plan of treatment — antiphlogistic — it gave a

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Never use any hair invigorator or other anti-mortem nostrum, and

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in a recent case. It was easy to introduce and withdraw, and

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tion. The spray is regarded as especially adapted to douch-

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sputum sink. On a small table beside the cautery stands a bowl

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This lasts for a few minutes, and then gradually ceases, but we

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minutes of a coffeespoonful of nourishment — preferably iced

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nostrils indicating respiratory movements ; a looking-glass

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and the whole was reflected over upon the cornea. The cornea and

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or irons placed to them. As soon as sedation is obtained to

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was there any objective result definitely traceable. In the

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fine syringe from the vagina statim post copulamj and was

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tonics, but they must not be prescribed to the neglect of a

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care upon the part of the Board of Health, prevented a severe

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down, and if the disease has been severe, frequently extrava-

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nium, with Leptandra and Dioscorea, answers well ; or, having

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