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whooping cough, so that when the air is expelled from the

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salts, organic matters, and volatile saline combinations. The

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on March 11th in the person of Dr. William Britton, one-time

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goes on from capillar} 7 to capillary, the circulating blood im-

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great pain ; and the sufferer from persistent headache finds

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Well, those fellows will have ' occult blood.' It may also result

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food should be plenty and good ; tlie moderate use of vegeta-

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a roughing of the natural sounds of the heart. The general

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chronic inflammation of the pharynx. Great and prolonged

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" Prevention of Offenses Bill " was before Parliament in 1851. A

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be added to the files. Cards for this purpose may be had from

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of the mucous membrane, with perhaps a simple inflammatory exu-

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good health, while " down town," ate somewhat freely of ice

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grains every hour until the urine is evacuated. This agent is

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MM. Motte and Protopopoff have lately made some remarkable

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by wrapping linen or soft leather around a ring of straw,

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charges are of mucus with tenesmus, has been a very useful

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the departments of his profession, but should be possessed of

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for, of the kind it elects. A physician need not be

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my opinion as corruption of the species pan is -. corruption, I

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abortion. Circumstances, which otherwise would have no

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On examination an inflammatory swelling, about the size of a large

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In the severer forms of the disease the eruption is tardy in

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Symptoms. — The principal symptoms have been named as

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tially under the influence of the will. Thus the respiratory

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same evidence that we believe in their atmospheric existence,

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with good records, and use them as teachers, patho-

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(seed) of gtt. x or xx. In other cases we add to it the seda-

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ienced any difficulty from this source, although 1 have used

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dently delirious, and the frequent movement of the head, and

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and that urea is a secondary product, arising from the action

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artery. The symptoms were as follows : "After an excellent

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principal organ of its activity. It is a hard tiling to be-

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Pathology. — In this, as well as some other affections of the

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caemia. The ordinarily accepted treatment by immediate removal

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The throat affection is here the most prominent feature; the

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doubled. Dr. II. C. Wood says* that probably the chloride

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diuretics, narcotics, stimulants, tonics, etc. But the reasons for

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formed a series of twenty-four operations upon rabbits, with

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ate quantity, attends each paroxysm or cough ; lastly, we

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