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the alkaline bath; the bowels to be kept in a soluble condition ;

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A continual Vomiting reftrain^d by the fame Remedy^

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blue or red, the eyes protruding and shining, cold appli-

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w T e use the appropriate means to relieve it ; and if from arrest-

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cause of scarlatina, there are sufficiently important lacumv

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rhoea, in consequence of imperfect digestion of the food.

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Sacramento Society for Medical Improvement will meet on

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of the capillary circulation. Supposing then we find this

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therefore, either be poured on the forehead, or may be

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day to let go ? Surely it would be more honest to do this

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the triple phosphates or urates, or at times of low specific

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The disease pursues a variable course, sometimes the suffer-

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sum of money, and by the added prestige of being the " official

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in other respects normal, must be remedied, or dangerous

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agony and the gradual fading-away have been observed,

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the combination of the two subjects has been well worked out.

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ing ; double vision ; indifference of the pupils to light ;

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all of which lie side by side, and are but a short distance from

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the patient is of a robust habit, I direct alternate wet and dry

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Professor Freud, from a long experience, and from careful

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The duties of nursing last until the moment of death,

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had intercourse with man, tubes filled with pus in connection

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illusions and hallucinations, even complete insanity, may

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credentials." The Board, together with the State Board of Illinois,

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nin in water (twenty grains to a fluid drachm). In a few

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but such an innovation would be out of the question at this

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With children the Chlorate of Potash exerts an excellent

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