of blood were then removed by venesection, and an enema o
by force of circumstances. At one time his vaccinal
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long. Cutting away the tongue close to the forceps, a hemp
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responding in situation with the Fourth Branchial Pouch.
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is not given with much precision, that it had comminuted a
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Brigade-Surgeon T. P. Staples said the young men com-
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Pathological Research in the United States. — A BiUL
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sician to the Duft'erin Hospital, Betteah, Bengal ; also Physician to
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Duncan's access to "voluminous proceedings;" but it is
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done we may describe the way in which the tubercle bacillus
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£600 paid for midwifei'y and dentistry, " which practically goes intact to
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Malta, when the former ollicer was asked to make way tor his
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Henei Van Hedhck; English edition translated by Wynne E.
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fiubjects, but looseness of staterrient and actual inaccuracy
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of the Paris Municipal Council it was decided to acquire a
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fifty years a prominent practitioner in Boston (U.S.); Lieu-
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America and on the Continent. He is an accomplished
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stopper, B, with a steel point, put in action by a key, c, gives
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is somewhat viscous, and upon healing remains unchanged,
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Ma >r-General Wade had had twenty-four years and eight months of
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admit the possibility of a localised peritonitis about it, set up
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was damaged by ringworm, and apt to be split up by other co-
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in 12 of these the incubation period cannot have exceeded 48
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curred annually 7,940 deaths from small-pox instead of 2,310.
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way checking private charity or the institution of colonies
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inserted in the Bill of the Hampstead and Charing Cross
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growth was cancerous in its nature. He believed that it
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right remedy or that it is not applied at the right time, nor
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infusions of quassia have yielded negative results. The
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Officer of Health for the counties of Kirkcudbright and Wig-
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certainly earn more in practice than they receive for their
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devotion with which it has maintained the principle that
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nfflcB?swfth which they are satisfied. It is no more our business to see
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alkaline juices of the duodenum, they dissolve and liberate
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also retired fr tm the service, which he entered as Assistant-Surgeon,
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said he " felt funny " in the left arm from shoulder to wrist,
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dominal distension creeping from the right iliac fossa calls
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some time. Pains were slight, contractions irregular, and the

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