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properly employed? Faradic current may be used where re-
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tion is to be traced to the soil; it has been suggested that the
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bination with the prophylactic treatment above set forth, I
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empty), a certain quantity of mucus is expelled, together
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of the fibers is, I have no doubt, the frequent cause of sudden
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Opium or Morphia, with Quinine; the want of innervation,
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remissions. With a soft pulse, a soft skin, moist tongue, and
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and the results that flow from it, derangement to a greater or
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experience that she does conceive during lactation, where-
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snoring respiration in disease, is symptomatic of a paralytic
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a very favorable condition, but late in the day symptoms of
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time, and still the structures may retain their integrity.
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is known than Chloroform by inhalation. There is no danger
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It is an abuse to have the meaner and smaller rooms of
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termed the sibilant rhoncus, or whistling respiration. The
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8.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. on nights of meeting in the Academy.
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to four times a day. This is a far better tincture than that made from the
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plumber must now be licensed, and this license is only issu-
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trum, the slowness of the pulse corresponds with an impair-
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sure, the child should maintain the recumbent position, and
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rancid eructations frequently occur. If vomiting occurs, the
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were held after meningitis, have failed to settle the quesr
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one-third grain doses. He found this drug alone to be pain-
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breathes with more ease, and is inclined to sleep. As we have
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room, water from the regular hot and cold water taps being used.

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