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lation to the harmonious blending of these departments of education in

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This indicates that light and electricity are the same agent,

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mand, we feel compelled to yield, notwithstanding it contains compli-

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action," is fully explained in the same article, in close con-

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I next proceeded to approximate the denuded borders, by

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tient not unfrequently dies suddenly — too suddenly to be the effect

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weening insolence of shallow and obtuse delvers among the

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most alarming peritoneal symptoms came on, so that I was obliged

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abundant or industrious. Let us strive to elevate the standard of our

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The following cases have been kindly communicated to me by

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man was ever imbued with a more catholic spirit. Recognizing the

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tries and localities, " by far the most common cause of bloody urine

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tremely painful to the touch. By an opiate suppository and

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course the chapters devoted to medical and electrical treatment

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indurata the iodide of iron is preferred. In either case the remedy must

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secondly, that it does not act as a sedative in disease. Dr. Boling

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the ashes after incineration, and a little phosphorus and sul-

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come to hand, with its advice relative to the Detroit Medical Journals

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The Sulphurets of Potassium and Calcium dissolve in ten

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upon the sympathetic, as the source of its powers. This

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Principles, that are fundamental, are deduced from anatomical and

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process is slower than the latter, and less intense. The ex-

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it were, eludes the opposition of the muscles. The trochanter,

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either the entire absence or extremely shaky condition of the timber

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Throughout the book, the author speaks both the language of

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riers. They can thus be administered in a A'ast number of

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due number of times, the intermission of the pulse at the

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11 Flamand was also in favor of the performance of cephalic ver-

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cold weather, almost equal to fat meat. This grain needs a

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ants were much exhausted, from the severe labor and time devoted

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nourishment. M. Thielmann says this case was officially certified. — [Medico-

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that respiration could not be properly performed — the organs con-

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digestion of meat normal, or even too rapid ; hyperacidity the rule.

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hence the hereditary succession is as perpetual as the family

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ments consistent with the enlightened and humanitary demands of

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