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corroborative of his. For my own part, I confess to having

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quite as well marked as in idiopathic fevers, and then febrile

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much so, that the latter is certainly not regarded as simple-

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Lieut. Harley Smith, son of our esteejned confrere, Dr.

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general rule, precede all local disease; all being symptoms

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of a very transient form, others are irremediable."

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inferior extremities. At first red puncta can be seen in the

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a typhoid disease. Sporadic dysentery is very easily treated,

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became very great on pressure; thirdly, on paralysis of the

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Philip F. Casey, Stockton; M. Dep. Univ. Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 21/82.

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from the "London Medical Record ": Professor Mosetig, during the

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inspiration. Extreme difficulty of breathing, or orthopnoea,

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of introduction, on account of rigidity and ease of expulsion from

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Lieutenant W. Fitzpatrick, of Pipestone, of the First

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first degree, wherein the skin is merely reddened without

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The great majority of people are not able to procure a

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stationary structures for the acutely ill, the chronics,

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full, soft pulse, an equal circulation in all parts of the body,

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form of headache is induced by anything that irritates the

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orifice of which was almost 5 cm. in diameter and occupied the

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derived from the fact that the vomiting that so generally at-

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tainment heretofore deemed sufficient, will be entirely inadequate to

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Ointment, made strictly according to the Dispensatory, will

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Hot fomentations have been used, but without much benefit,

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gained her health and was enabled to proceed to a normal par-

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canal. His researches corroborate the description of Malassez, and

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Thomas Franklin McGee, Azusa, Missouri M. Coll. Mo., Mar. 4/84.

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stimu'a it diuretic i and the judciou> use of counter-irritants,

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reaction. The fever at first is usually high, the pulse frequent

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When there are frequent attacks, we will find the use ot

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certain number of cases, are by no means grave; hence the

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injury, had been imperfect from childhood. The patient

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ing of tension and dull aching in the region of the heart, with

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