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along with a thorough observation of the process in nature,

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be made as early as possible. As an anesthetic, chloroform

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urate of ammonia is not a frequent component of entire cal-

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heart. They are less intense if the heart is farther removed

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three, or four weeks. The symptoms of suppuration are in-

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could be no doubt that the forceps favored the integrity of

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of pain can be covered with the finger, and it will occupy the

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remedy for the jaundice, the tincture of Chionanthus in doses

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provision of a complete system of sewerage, and next the

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can readily understand its action upon the body. These causes

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inflammation; upon general debility, the body uot being suf-

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two, three, or four weeks of suffering, a portion of the intus-

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congestion. If the tongue becomes dry, and the mucous

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pital, have been appointed to duty at Queen's Canadian Hos-

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impediment to respiration, and a feeling of fullness and con-

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e23ideiiiics occurring in parts of the United States and Canada,

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very malignant, witli marked symptoms of putrescence, a

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accounted for by Dr. Chapin ("New York Medical Journal," Oct. 8,

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kept up for at least ten days. The nurse must disinfect her

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1. That direct support of the perinseum is injudicious and

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Potash, etc , may be used in this way. Or, if the disease is of

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A very large immigration of the better class of people is

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this opportunity in his article on the breast, in which he appeals

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flammations from cold. In such case we have the evidences

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The American Journal of the Medical Sciences. — Commenc-

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two men employed as milkers at the infected dairy lived in

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of the hospital to be set up in France and to be operated by the

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attributed the present epidemic of diphtheria to choked sew-

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