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when the patient is apparently convalescent. I prefer an

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tempt to find the physiological or pathological cause of the in-

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It is ushered in with a marked chill or rigor, lasting from one

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trophied tonsils and dead teeth are removed. He says : " The above

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caliber smaller, dryness of the air passages being present in

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sion of the yellow fever is through the bite of the

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physician. Bowels said to have moved quite naturally, and

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must, at least, take for granted that the wife knows from

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Cajeput, when the circulation is very feeble. A mild purga-

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through the capillaries. Some writers contend that the kid-

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system is completely relaxed, and then carried to free eniesis,

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complains of unpleasant throbbing of the arteries of the neck,

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to treat the patient; some writers have recommended the em-

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of conferring the sacrament, or at least of doing what the

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tion — lessening the frequency of the pulse — it will also lower

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of mucus or muco pus with triple phosphates in the urine.

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Cough. — Coughing arises from an irritation of the sensitive

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or rye-bread boiled in quart of water and strained), to which

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omentum, and the upper portion of the great omentum to the adja-

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ules united by filaments. This layer is thicker above and on each

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In observing a largo number of cases, I have almost been

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and of the eyeballs. It is a pathological variety of the great

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vessels, and kept free from all foreign matter. Bed-pans

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