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morphosis of the liver and kidneys. He had therefore come to

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right to warn his people against this danger privatlmj but,

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their job," Britton wrote on and on, never relaxing a feature.

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("Journal of Cutaneous and Genito- Urinary Diseases," Nov. 1887),

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added liesorcin, gtt. to 5J, makes a good application in se-

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or three hours after a meal. The quantity of gas at first

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an excess of urine passed. The forms recognized by most

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prostration, a -stimulant should be combined with them. The action of the

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quency of the circulation and the irritability of the nervous

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membrane thickened, its surface dull and rough, more or less

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operation have been recorded, and because it is only in this

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know that in very many cases, it is absent before or during

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strengthen the opinion, that we have to suppose two souls

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properly equipped to do the scientific work to take the place

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receives fresh impulse in its devastating progress. Its new

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erate, and that its choice will fall on a worthy representative.

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man Company, Herald Square Building, 141-5 West 36th

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emeto-catharsis with podophyllin serves a good purpose here.

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gut, in all about seven inches, directly beneath the area of

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sponds in appearance; with the laryngoscope we are enabled to

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able. In deeply-seated lesions an early diagnosis is of the

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colored, swollen, and friable. The lungs seem to have suffered

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The pallid tongue calls for a salt of soda, and we usually

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brane, and we give Ipecac; of the pleura or parenchyma of

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ful medical officer will be very unpleasant. The doctor has

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the fourth to the tenth day, we will find need of stimulating

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lesions and injuries may be thereby revealed which are of

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are of a very grave character from the commencement, and we

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abolishing insets. An innovation, in the form of signed editorials,

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in the urine of an applicant for life insurance is not sufficient

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ach, when without this, it would have been impossible.

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cular " comments severely on what it denominates " a custom which

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old Dr. Smith, who, after a few moments, made a positive diag-

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