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of cathartics brought away in the first passage about one pound of

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ject is characteristic — the peculiar shrunken condition of the

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on gastric disease, studying particularly the subject of duodenal

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unequivocal signs of death are still wanting, the best way

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rhoea, which resisted all treatment, was readily cured by deter-

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tite, the power of digestion, of blood making, and nutrition.

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blood we are pretty sure that the inflammation will go on to

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quickly with absorbent cotton, the fine point of a thermo-cautery is

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official in the United States and British Pharmacopoeias

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from injuring himself in his often violent convulsions and

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sometimes from 40 to 60 per minute. The cough is persistent

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greatest cleanliness is observed everywhere and in everything. The

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any morbid process which greatly impairs the natural struc-

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that authority which extended experience with the questions

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are so amenable to medicinal treatment as are those of the uterus.

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quickly and perfectly, and fixing itself in the structures of the

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tient died on February 2d, the hemiplegia persisting to the end. At

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Prognosis. — I do not see why there should be any mortality

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daughter of the Bishop of Chicago. Dr. Boyer is one of the

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shape, three-eighths of an inch in length and one-eighth in

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flamed part, to which we have an increased circulation, and

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eral result was to leave little doubt that the condition is in

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arm from the shoulder to the elbow became paralyzed, and in

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be administered. But it can be given to other insane folk

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I put the patient upon the use of Aconite and Belladonna in

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mercial relations which exist between California and countries where

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and condition of sewerage was given, with the source of water

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enamel organ, from the point where the root begins to form, have

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resistance. As it continues, the areolar tissues become thick-

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head, violating, crushing, or perforating the bony case of the

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