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named will at once determine the cause of the difficulty with

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last action, unfortunately, that too many physicians invoke

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opment. For generation between man and beast is never

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llacrotys. For fifty years this remedj has had a reputation

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some four or live inches ; a piece of rubber tubing with a single hole

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the genital apparatus, the nervous system often suffering

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on others, and increased on active exertion. The urine may

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guided by it, we may touch an ulcer with nitric acid; with a

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tents without delay. If the cervix and os have closed so as

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about which we hear so much, gain a foot-hold amongst us,

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been totally blind in both eyes, two in one, and in one the

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prognosis. It is valued now, because we appreciate the fact

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languid circulation in the parts, that there is congestion of

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1887, she presented a well marked deviation of the tongue, the tip

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ilitic origin, I place great confidence in the Iris. The dose

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Chronic ovaritis (especially inflammation of the albuginea, when

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vaporization is shown by a tympanitic percussion sound in the

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of the text-books upon ovarian tumors contain the desired informa-

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There are frequent variations in the division of the visual

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but if the system is not properly prepared for it, it frequently

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titioner in search of tips in diagnosis or treatment. The work

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soft. The patient had three attacks while at the hospital. The

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grs. of ergot was administered without effect; nothing came

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end in resolution by an abscess opening externally. — U Union Medi-

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bility is the product in part of reflex action resulting from

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excessive emotional excitement, and as we have already

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blood occur. Unfortunately the amount of co-related investiga-

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