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gent diuretics have been used, and each has been lauded as a
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tributed to the base hospitals or hos]iital ships, which take them
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tertian type, the fever recurring every other day. 3. Requiring
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when the morning breaks, and the shadows flee away, we hope
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4. — Are hermaphrodites impotent? Liguori (lib. vi,
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principal emunctories — the skin, kidneys, and bowels. Great
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The Sequelae of Measles. — An irritation of the bronchial
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Some have depended upon the aromatic waters, but I do not
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that the power ascribed to cow-pox was not wholly visionary.
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ism ; the patient grew rapidly worse and died in a fortnight.
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urinary secretion, the onlj T means we have of making a diag-
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and windows as tightly as possible ; then allow the vapors
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tuberculosis, and then picks up some specimen bottles
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Sudden, dangerous, attacks of illness, in which non-pro-
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the disease at once, and I would be disposed to try it in a per-
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the bone by means of Fergusson's lion jaw forceps, the re-
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Aloes, coated with Gelatin, and sugar-coated if desired. Small
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H. L. Nichols, M. D., has been elected Health Officer of
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calling for Gelseminum; the tendency to congestion, with
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probable that this will be more favorable to the perform-
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by year the predisposition to it seems to increase. It demands
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forms, irritation and atony. The first, as we have already
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Death occurs in two ways : by suppuration, and by mortifi-
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sober up. Hence it is the result of the withdrawal of the
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and though we can not possibly tell why they produce this
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any known external, vehemently exciting cause. If the
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dread act was, on one pretext or another, postponed.
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Baptisia. This is also a very certain remedy in diphtheria,
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and mils to the ground. In other cases the premonitory
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quired. A tremulous state of the muscles, marked especially
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brane is seen variously discolored, dusky-red or brownish, or
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said, if a notable commotion does not exist ; and, later, each

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