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E. C. Dudley, M.D., and H. M. Stowe, M.D. Series 1914.
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any character, unless it endangered the life of his patient. Since
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sifies diseases of the tonsils as subacute tonsilitis, acute follicular
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thus causes active congestion as well as the breaking-down
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of caustic soda (lyes), lime, liquid ammonia (spirit of
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course, employed the fashionable antiseptic, carbolic acid.;, but my
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period of 5,890 years ago to the present day in a com-
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short article on Blood Transfusion by a simple method ap-
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In malignant rubeola we will have to give the case closer
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What are we to do then in these cases where no gross patho-
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kidneys. The nervous system is deranged, the patient being
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from the poison, and Ave have simply to give large quantities
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named, and a simple depression or exhausted state of the vital
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nature of the contagion in individual diseases. His views were in
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Twenty licensing bodies, twenty different standards!
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stubborn cases we employ water acidulated with Muriatic Acid.
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Ipecac, gtt. x. to xx., Water 5h'-; a teaspoontul every hour.
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light, and sunshine, are required. As convalescence becomes established, an-
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had been graver constitutional symptoms, the prospect of an operation
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comes severe and stubborn, just as the wave line is shortened ;
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tion of the region involved. The chief dangers arise from
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a member of the Simcoe Street Free Dispensary from the time
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that she has therefore made a practice of thus handling
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Samuel Haughton, M. D., D. C. L., LL. D., F. R. S., Senior Fellow
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atmosphere? In order to reply conclusively to this last objection
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the success of experimentations, and records of test experiments are
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lowed by Quinine and Ilydrastin, is highly recommended by
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but it should be borne in mind that these interests are no
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very energetic practitioner, with free purgatives, and other
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the hand or with pillows. It is better to put the dishes on
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centre of the retinae, but also extend as far as the fovea cen-

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