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slight difficulty in passing urine, and some alterations in its

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The Tinct. of Pulsatilla and Staphysagria, combined in the

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In some cases of this fever, we do not observe that the fe-

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cases died from the constitutional effects of the disease. In

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to ward it off as speedily and effectually as possible. Never

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the chyliferous ducts become entirely obliterated, and the

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stages, there are occasionally marked hectic fever and night

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same degree we control the inflammatory action; and if we

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organism ; nay, according to more recent investigations, a

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through which the help will be sent, and are now despatching to

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results, saving five women and five children out of nine laparo-

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woman's cycle the menopause might not occur for fifteen years

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lessness, or indisposition to make any exertion ; the appetite

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York Post Graduate Medical School. 462 pages, with 213

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or smaller red patches, which sometimes become dark, and

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Reports from Cities on the Pacific Coast of 10,000 inhabitants

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sided, aspiration may be tried first. If the pus is found to be

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therapeutics, read a paper on the value of electricity in the

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swollen ; but where it is short and dense, the swelling can

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these unpleasant facts. These two cases may not have been caused

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Divide in fifteen powders, and give one every half hour or

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last year. Only 1 3 then can be considered in regard to relapse ; of

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support some big firm's '' good name." But the labora-

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and inflammation. Nasal hemiopia is very rarely seen, but

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Prognosis. — Though not classed among those diseases

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and at all subsequent ages. Peaslie considers them always congenital.

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eight have been operated upon and the iridectomy has at

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and Germany in equal degree of severity. An attempt to con-

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Paralysis from disease of the spinal cord. — Disease of the spi-

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