Starting Allopurinol Treatment

|iroceeds to the apt'X, and tiindly ends at the hase. following the disposi-

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five years old when stricken. It appears, from the recorded cases, to b^in

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bones felt rather large. There was a general puffy, somewhat oedematous

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hypersemic vessels with the production of a wheal, factitious urticaria

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sivc heinir due to tlie return to a resliiii; position of the stretched :iimI

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till' aliiiM' cliaiMjcs: i I i .'licmii'al ^llll^1aM^(■s iii- hiiiiiniiu's, pfcscnt iii

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for the cases with evidence of definite bony changes, although really the term

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associated with symptoms of the gravest kind; in all cases the prognosis

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In man MacCallum did not find any of the glands embedded in the thyroid,

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cloudy, due to bacteria and pus cells, and the sudden disappearance of this

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many others, especially Renaut, Waehner, Edmunds, Famer, L. R. Mueller,

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As renal tuberculosis is always secondary, and as it is impossible to de-

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foods. When quantities of food cont.iining equivalent amounts of nitro-

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'■'""I""-''''" '" "'■" "'■ Jii'iirmnia. an,! ^ L> i an a.'i.l irio,,,', with at. a-'hlif

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close the mouth, when opened, until the spasm of the depressor muscle of

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Tlie innuence of bile salts in assisting the action of lipase is probably

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maxillary and sternoclavicular joints are practically never involved.

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Mechanism of Action of Vagus on the Heart. I'liysinlnulsts havr i .

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3 cases this relationship was doubtful, and in 1 it evidently did not exist.

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seem important evidence to the writer. As already said, changes in the

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Ill llli' |ili\Ni.M| r\ |iil illlcIlN ill >i-liliiil illiiiM'. Illi' srll|i|)iMllll'.lli|l' llirlll

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great help, and the following is quoted from Garceau: "The kidney is

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iitriiiii' lilc till' iiiii'li'i 111' till' ri'.l i-rlls arr lost, ami iioniiiii'li'atcil I'liin

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Heart Muscle. Another muscle that has been thorouirlily iuvestiirated

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e.c. of N 1(1 alkali lor acid i reciuired to l.rin^' the urine to the neutra'

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i'l- !i-^ ""' uninitiated iiiiaj^ine. hut air rushes in liecailse the tlnnax

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roiiiul oollnpsc nil' pri>(liM'<'<l. Thoso olwiTvatioim havr lr<l scvrrni iiivos-

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the muscles possessed a certain elasticity and appeared to be in a somewhat

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m|' ciilcimii Ini/ihs up intu tiic inniKi-cjilciiiin iiml ii tri-culcium jjlios

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Normal Valuei. - Ifaviii}: thus s,itis(ied ourselves as to the extreni'

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redness became more marked, and the toes again became livid. If she

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I'oiiml ill till' lllluiles ami in the eelU are iliie to ihe realisiiri)tinii of

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(Gilbert and LerebouUet, Gaudy, Gourand). Renal auto-intoxication has

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sihle th;it the amino acids may he condensed into polypeptides in tlh

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matory and degenerative changes, while bacteria, besides being seen in the

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diminished J on the contrary, it seems rather greater

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dialii'tcsi which will deconipose some of the NalJCO, and l>rodiice

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but it itself is produced by the nephritis; (3) the suprarenal hyperplasia is

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111' jilaced oil the vayiis nerve and eoiinected with a iralvanoincter, a

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turbances or constitutional disturbances with no apparent cause, rhysi-

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In achondroplasia the disease would seem to aflFect the epiphyseal cartilages.

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Tlic ciirlicf fxiu'iiipiciits t'tir tlic iiiv«'stii.'iiti(m of llic clicnrH-nl citiiili

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iito the vestibule. From nine to iv\elv,- minutes ma.\ elapse before they

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iw.sifi.iii (.)■ ili(. alveolar air. \\- nnist now consider the nature ot' tin

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of this is greatest. By collecting the juice from a iteriiianent fistula of the

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