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or live times a day. If there is feebleness of the system, and

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of a second drop. Both these tests should be employed, for, as

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important is milk, then follow other nitrogenous foods, mucus,

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tices may be alternately put on the rupture, so that either

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when the disease continues for a long time, or occurs frequently,

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none in right. The next day all symptoms became worse.

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not untimely. "Since not observation only," he says, "but every

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In other cases we commence the use of the direct sedatives, and here I

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equal parts, in doses of four grains four or five times a day,

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by the long retention of the rubeolus poison, and the symptoms

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under command of the master as any man on board. From

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application should not be continued too long at a sitting.

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hysterectomy. In this general class may be placed the cases

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of the abdomen, and in the region of the kidney, behind the

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painful, hot, tender on pressure, and the swelling increases

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noon ; night sweats at night; the appetite is poor, and the

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organs and joints. These symptoms increase day by day,

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day. When the fingers are passed over these papulae, they

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3. With chloroform we are able to regulate the degree of

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This case presents many points of great interest, and to me it is

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old and had followed the occupation of mining for more than

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rhoea may be controlled at first by the employment of Ipecac

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former being slightly reddened, and sometimes thickened, and

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disease with failing compensation. It is noteworthy that,

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