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but little of sound skin. The eruption is slightly elevated,

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Edgar Osborn, Santa Clara; M. Dep. Univ. Pennsylvania. Penn.,

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occurs early in the disease, there is frequently nothing but

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gether the line of junction between the two bones. There is

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water as hot as can be borne, and surround him with blankets,

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stood, but we know that it exercises a very important influ-

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in the ear, cold water may be poured on the head, or it

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District Branch of the New York State Medical Association, which

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very many cases in which their influence is but temporary.

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"1. Because in the suprapubic operation there are no

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old Dr. Smith, who, after a few moments, made a positive diag-

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known to have this hereditary defect, the most energetic

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in the second week, and the remissions do not take place till

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already affected. In regard to the cosmetic effects of simple

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dog, none of the first set will die o£ rabies, and, with rare excep-

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without clear cause, he is, in all probability phthisical, even

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times, even when there are no evidences of parenchymatous

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Phytolacca. This remedy has attained quite a reputation in

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If the throat is examined, we notice the evidence of chronic

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manner all the information necessary on the sul3Ject for the

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