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The mucous membrane may be affected in various ways :
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is necessary, place a pailful of water in the corner most
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creasing the suction power of the right heart and therefore
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ease of the mesentery are : the continuance of a good appetite,
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cyst was perfectly smooth and glistening. The base of the cyst
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might associate small doses of "Nux Vomica or Strychnia, as
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remains evident to the touch. In all but the deepest placed
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lished with these means, as soon as the pnlse is reduced, follow
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impairment; and lastly, that these associated, produce disor-
to the skin : for this end, a bandage may be placed over
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effusion will have taken place in the form of false membrane,
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The first may be recognized by the intermittent character
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combat, in carbolic solution. The "Journal," while recommending
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Dr. Frost proposes a new operation, which he has per-
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final opinion. And where the examiner is the usual medical

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