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days or weeks the eye continues 1 in this condition, throwing

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defensive reaction against some powerful disturbing influ-

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degeneration occurs in the center from the scanty supply of

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case?, we are led to believe that there is intestinal obstruction

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ing a wound of right cornea. The iris was prolapsed, and the eye

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The three first stages of i'avev are incompatible with the nor-

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of the body advances, his mind and feelings also will be

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as an intermittent, then become remittent, then continued, and

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the reasoning. I am of the opinion that the stronger the diet

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easy to establish secretion from the skin, kidneys and bowels,

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semilunar flap is recommended; this flap must be so made

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presence, strict orders to use the battery on the slightest re-

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mittee will nominate the officers for each year and perform

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may sit in a tub of hot water for two or three hours, and

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overcome during this period; but de gustibus non est

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Examination of the neck and throat would enable us to deter-

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tongue is elongated and pointed, reddened at tip and edges,

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the gradual improvement during the day : the second uncom-

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the air tubes, as we see in bronchitis, pneumonia, and laryn-

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103°, and other symptoms being marked, a temperature below

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delphia, has called attention to the small quantity of this

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throbbings of an aneurism in this, that its intensity increases

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group all the others together under the heading of chronic

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an excellent remedy in this case, given in doses often to thirty

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and the application of adrenalin solution. The uterus was

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in an always decent manner, after having thoroughly acquired

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taken at random. In quite a number of cases the tongue

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