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rent disease to which they are thereby rendered so liable.

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Experimental researches in regard to the location of the

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be their action some seasons, that the physician will prefer

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official in the United States and British Pharmacopoeias

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tific investigation, other things being equal, to accept the

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muscles that pass between the two bones, causing relaxation

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an old remedy. It acts very kindly with the sedative, assist-

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nected with bronchitis? Cystitis or gleet? Acidity? Flatu-

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material of the blood; the red globules being broken down

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vous affection. We had an instance of this in the case of a

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described in which there is a considerable amount of tender-

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show its spasmodic character distinctly, and is more markedly

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color; the intestinal layer of peritoneum being injected and

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the pericardium. The effusion in pericarditis varies from one

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