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Rhus is the remedy when the pulse is small, stroke sharp,

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of Scarlet Fever" ("British Medical Journal," June 11,

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malarial regions. If the medical research men of the

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paralyzed, pupil contracts immediately under the influence

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vention presupposes either the accomplishment of certain

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in convention assembled at San Francisco, at its regular an-

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l)road ligaments, etc., but found it a dirty method, and though

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Syphilis is a disease of so grave and frightful a nature,

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red points on the upper surface of the tip. The nervous sys-

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of the ovum is inaugurated, and the original site, occupied by

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of the disease is entire extirpation of the growth.

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condition after treatment showed that each eye had improved

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increased in quantity, is less highly colored, and deposits a


This may be followed by the Aconite and Belladonna, and

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volved. Ascites is especially the form of the disease in which

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Ovarian tumors in their earlier stages may excite bleeding,

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vessels are most numerous. On studying the circulation of the

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third lasted ten minutes, and terminated fatally. Necropsy revealed

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great measure to inclination ; and carelessness and faults,

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The remedies that I have employed to best advantage arc

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such as tetanus, epilepsy, eclampsia, catalepsy, convulsions

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these things which need be done, a good general treat-

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a gratuity of sixty pounds. Free passage will be given to

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