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importance should be based, although neither of those to

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virus, and is then thrown upon the surface in the form of an


machine gun may have a line of wounds passing from right to

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almost impossible, and from the falling back of the tongue

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phobia, and cases of poisoning from glanders, nKi]i,L;u:int

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vious exhaustion, and sudden arrest of the cutaneous secre-

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'* Quia seminatio mulieris pertinet ad complendum actum

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nary exciting stage, in having no action on the pupil, in produc-

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attention to the general health, a restricted diet, and the use of

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fecundity. Tempus menstruaUonis et laciationis some-

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arrest of haemorrhage; disappearance of the phenomena of

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Liguori(lib. vi, 918 alinea 2) says: ^' Si vero femina jam

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as might lead to a fatal result. It will be noticed that thee u re

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epigastrium, indicating morbid accumulations in the stomach.

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will contain water only, and the sulphuret is placed in a

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profession, he says : " If you have any hair left that you want to

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Deposits of the phosphates are always white, unless colored

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patients died three years after of general paralysis. The others re-

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cough, and for some of the most intractable forms. The irri-

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prevents the absorption of chyle into the system. The glands

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slow process, requiring care, patience and perseverance. Oc-

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and second days of the session, as happened at Washington

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tion of the intestinal mucous membrane, but the latter produce the

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to certainty, we speak to him privately about it, and obtain a

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hai was the commercial metropolis of the country and the endeavor

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some cases marked febrile reaction with delirium, succeeds the

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flannel cloth wrung out of hot water, and covered with oiled

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ease. In this instance, percussion over the right false ribs

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every bait hour; say of the first gtts. v., of the second gtts. x

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Premier regarding medical affairs in Ontario, which,

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sistance of the cardiac centre to inhibitory influences may

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the symptoms being so prominent in most cases that no person

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baptized, is sufficiently clear from the above. Hemicepha^

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and the coating of the tongue assumes a shade of brown, with

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next week. He had every appearance of a man who had been

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moved and a silver one introduced; condition improved. In-

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