Proextender Does Work

A. Wood, CM., M.D., D.C.K, Albert H. Andrews, M.D..

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to the Philadelphia General Hospital; Pathologist to the

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F. Koenig lays down the following rules in regard to inflammatory

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and even then it should remain in the bed. There is no

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changing its color, and is now brown, somewhat fissured, or

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to the linea alba and downwards total length four and a half

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as the spirit-vapor bath, or the wet-sheet pack ; and occasion-

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centa is detached. To do this, grasp the cord with the left

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mended it, I have tried it in a number of cases with entire suc-

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Flexner and Xoguchi have grown the virus in vitro and

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or that individual, is not a symptom from which unpro-

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ently entire, it is still desirable to pass the hand into the

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is, that the removal of the irritation cause'd by the superincum-

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a good purpose. In addition, it is highly essential that normal

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case, also, the foetuses should be baptized conditionally as

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Symptoms. — Where the superficial veins are affected, the

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thing to send one from the room into the fresh air, and

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About one year prior to his admission to the County Hospi-

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consists in administration of from s x to / -of a grain of mercury three

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that it is a mistake to publish in a State work a so-called list

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portion to the cleanliness and care of a people, being severe

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vaccination was good and protective, which was not often the

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under the ribs and to the left, a wound was detected. The

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be confounded with the wasting or atrophy resulting from

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sthenic actions or functions these parts should perform, and

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tached. If it is desired to use sulphuret of carbon, the bottle

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New York Skin and Cancer Hospital — The Profession and the

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the bones were wholly destroyed, and had to be removed. I have seen

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life. If more than one-third of the surface has been burnt

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Wallace. He was horn in Prince Edward County in 1847, and

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ulcer and synechia anterior, for which she is still under treatment.

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time being. As a rule, good whisky or brandy is the best

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treatment, and if there is a tendency to perspiration at any

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was found that he had sustained a fracture of the body of

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a general disease of the nervous system or on psychical dis-

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We recognize the fact that a certain standard of heat marks

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