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patient or young practitioner like doing enough, and yet it

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fession of the interior of the State. Circulating largely in

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go far to remove, or at least to thin out, the caustic sub-

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the pupils contracted, and the mind active. The patient is

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functions the necessity for such confidences mostly occur,

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used on the previous day, an animal may be made almost certainly

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tissues, it sets up a peculiar form of inflammation which we

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hifirmitafemj quia miilier in tali statu concipere non potest,

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Nothing is of a trivial nature in the management of the

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There are three kinds of joints, viz: synarthrosis or

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chloroform shortens labor. He is certain it does so in all

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irregular pulse, and indeed wherever there is the evidence of

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Easily digestible : young carrots and peas, asparagus,

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in State Medicine, delivered before the American Medical As-

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concluded that the undue excitability of this disease is dependent on

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the country. Individual experience and theories are also solicited. Co'itributors must kindly

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Prognosis. — In very many cases the prognosis will be

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deranged, the skin being very susceptible to external impres-

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the " Index Medicus." and hoping that the profession would not allow

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muscles, are involved in the hemiplegic paralysis. It must be

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ive, and if we associate this with the almost complete absence

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Report of the Committee on Medical Topography, Meteor-

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trouble, and we cure the cough by making local applications

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scapula of a person in the act of speaking, the voice appears

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ration, or sensation of smothering. Sometimes, when the

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ratrum in full doses, as — R Tinct. Veratrum gtt. xv, Water

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tory muscles. It is caused bv contraction of the air passages,

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end, and the changes and lesions caused by gestation and

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