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of conferring the sacrament, or at least of doing what the

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should banish all doubt when you find, in addition to the

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imperative and applies to bleeding before, at, and after the

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few days. This fortunate result was due to the precautions taken

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were run on the narrow basis of sentiment, but that is

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that if the same means had been employed earlier, and t lie

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the last day of October, 1884. Patient was hurled violently

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college, with a good training here. After looking around for

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panying nerves, that these may not be injured. In bleeding of the fore-arm.

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extent of sensation, as the lumbar nerves are the principal

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The sedatives, diaphoretics, and diuretics, should be continued

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a leather wristlet. Strange as it may seem, this improve-

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variable size ; if caused by malignant disease, it will have that

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Clinic. Philadelphia : W. B. Saunders Company. 1913.

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thing growing in her womb," and about six years later she acci-

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"If there be slight flattening under one clavicle, with defi-

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For a dose, and repeated every two or three hours. When

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much accelerated by medicines, and the disease made to run a

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form vibices. The posture is constantly supine, with tendency

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only during the period of gestation and lactation, but also

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disease. Occasionally the fever runs so high as to produce de-

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" If the deposit is white, it may consist of urate of ammonia,

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tary hospitals. They are Canadian, they are manned by Cana-

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acclimatized. Persons from the north, or sections free from

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The discussion was opened by a carefully prepared paper

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