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pyrin to maintain a longer action upon the system, and as
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head, and makes its descent only by degrees. Pulsation, or
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In a foot-note Dr. Hart takes exception to the treatment advocated
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sick-looking lot. They would have been almost naked if it had
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nanthus deserving special mention. Chlorate of Potash with
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similar fear of contagion ? And what would become of
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severe shock and depression following the accident yielded
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dermic injection of Morphia, gtts. xxx, of the usual solution,
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dealing with contagious diseases, corpses, or decomposing
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fostered at the expense of the will, the higher intellectual
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Experiments elsewhere had proved that it was gold, not filth,
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formed at Bellevue Hospital. The patient was sent to him
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occurred in 1859, and a fifth in 1862, which were treated in
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ence would be akin to reciting the Greek alphabet to a classical
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mented influence through a real constituency, which it alone
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lowing, the vapor of hot water or an infusion of tansy may
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drink a large glass of water on rising in the morning. Then,
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seems deficient; median, impaired; radial, uninjured; radial
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ments for the generation of the disease, and hence it makes
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ing; this is called the bronchial respiration or sound. Over
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The Action of Sedatives. — We may properly conclude this
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intestinal canal can be detected ou dissection, the bowels being
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was firmly held against the chest below the clavicle, while the other
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what they preach, we desire to make our advertising de-
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tal headache; Macrotys by the deep, tensive pain; Bryonia
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feces. Occasionally it gives rise to irritation of the urinary
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an irritation, it manifests itself through the excito-motory
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believed as long as there is no foundation to suspect that
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irrigation with bichloride solution 1 to 1000, the wound was
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stronger so-called Gujton Morveau fumigation. But this
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Powder of Lobelia, or the Acetous Emetic Tincture. It would

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