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be given in sufficient quantities to relieve pain. The more sudden and
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is thin the epidermis comes off in thin scales, ''branny" desquamation.
are obtained directly from man or animals, as blood serum, pleuritic fluid,
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the percussion sound, although somewhat tympanitic in character, still re-
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1. Idiopathic tetanus, described by old writers, is now known to
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are papilloma and adenoma. These should be removed, but sarcoma
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physiological action would indicate. Iodide of ethyl is advocated by some. *
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not the only pathological lesion present in this class of diseases ; he accord-
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extreme cases, but it must be carefully done, for the reason that patients to
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nomena of the chill. The chills of pyaemia occur irregularly, rarely at
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prominent and brilliant, and there is carotid pnlsation. The respiration is
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move some obstruction. "With the first croupy paroxysm, however slight,
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rent is advocated by some, to i)roduce active peristalsis ; this must not be
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Symptoms, — An attack of intestinal colic may be preceded by a sense of
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simple intermittent fever. Salicin, strychnia, piperine, eucalyptus, and
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the dead tissues become swollen and edematous and noxious gases are
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tion of the bladder. Here it is useful in a saturated solution.
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On the second day of the eruption, these spots assume a darker red color,
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the disease their importance in diagnosis and prognosis can best be appre-
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es])ccially characteristic of their syphilitic origin.
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care had been taken against any indiscretion or over-exertion. There Is
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and he has had a frequent desire to pass it. Perhaps he has had some pain
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pulled to one side. Great care is necessary to avoid wounding, injur-
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pathology of a condition of malnutrition. Improper food materials
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it will always be a mesoblastic tumor, not hypoblastic or epiblastic.
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severe inflammation may result, and this inflammation terminate in
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The lining membrane of the pelvis of the kidney is usually congested..
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