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The mode of operating which I have just described may be
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cessful author announced, {b) All successful essays become the
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We believe that there is no period of ancient history into which
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bran poultice, opiates were administered freely, and such nour-
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intestines, the liver, the uterus, the ovaries, the prostatic
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tains about four thousand inhabitants. Does the Peninsirfar Jour-
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This produced its customary effects, and efforts to grasp it
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*Of these 5 patients, two were treated at the same time with preparations of sul-
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J. Lewis Smith, is a double calamity which will bring distress to
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this means the whole area is drained and the temporo-
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remedies, I have not known any of them to confer decided benefit
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are capable from actual experience, of interpreting accurately, its
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The following list comprises the names of all delegates, permanent
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four, and the other of five months. The first course to commence on the
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the skin is enabled to act as a respiratory organ. The importance
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its sincere devotion. But, while it has been thus devoted, it has
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he had found no possible means of ascertaining the correct quantity con-
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protective or antidotal. This is the converse of what obtains with regard
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WHAT more essential to every family, counting-roo.j, student, and
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the venerable author and issued in this convenient and permanent form.
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ent surgeons are guided in reference to this question, by symptoms
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out considerable pain. The long splint was now thrown aside,
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The effect is secretory, ie secreting organs be supplied !
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expired again, in combination with carbon and hydrogen, in
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ical profession in this State, which nothing, save the progressive spirit of
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bone to the acetabulum, will not succeed in making it enter that
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Now, in order for the student to avail himself of the clinical course,
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difference of key on percussion in upper third front in favor of right, but
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mass of medical testimony obtained from every important point of the yel-
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the treatment of tubercular disease of the lungs. We see, in
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old fistula, and sometimes make exceedingly slow progress
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not bear that responsibility, and in looking over the whole matter, we
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operation, which may permanently rid him of the disease, or at
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clude ligation of the posterior tumor, as an armed canula could
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to the Bladder with Special Keference to the Prostate Gland" — C. C. Jacobs,
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appendix cut off, and the abdomen flushed out with gallons of
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<as an alleviant of the pain. In some of these it will procure rest
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Tests : — Tinct. of litmus — when added in small quantity —
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vagina ; and, at the end of forty-eight hours, on withdrawing the plug, the
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ration commenced, the little boy cried, and all was safe.
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He, reported a case, where a woman aborted at three months' term. The
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than this ; and what is still more important, these patients are all
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sod general constitutional deterioration, and are almost always
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but the consequence of traction by the cicatrices, especially after
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tip of the coccyx by a narrow, tendinous band, and from the
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