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the community should act as a balance-wheel, so as not
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with the hopeine fraud, of malodorous memory, and that the phy-
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I attribute her recovery to her power of digesting her
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paroxysmal, it causes intense suffering, attended with a feeling
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vomiting, the stomach being irritable, and frequently rejecting
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When there are no special indications, we employ the means
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Henry 0. Bagg, S. Monica; Berkshire M. Coll., Mass., April 16, '45.
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congenital defect of the tonsils." The patient was twenty-
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ant is liable to error in diagnosis. The first symptoms, in a
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tin-foil. But when we wish to keep it through the summer,
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Sticta Pulmonaria. I use the Sticta when the patient com-
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making it impossible for the liver to respond to the action of
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rests badly at night. At a still further advanced stage of the
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between these cartilaginous surfaces, kept moist by a secret-
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medical standpoint, much could be said regarding this
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result of difficulties of collection and transport of wounded
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Children, by O. O. Burgess, was read by title and referred to
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their appearance slowly, usually as difficulty in defecation. If
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small-pox; and found another difficulty in determining the
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arrest of the fever, and this can be accomplished, in a majority of cases, by the
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ment does not throw any light upon this subject. I think we have to deal
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circulation, irritation of the nervous system, and further arrest
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physician the disease, though well marked, was of a very mild type,
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flesh and strength, and the inefficiency of tonics and stimu-
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know what he sees, filing an intelligent history away
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deep seated soreness and aching of the part, which is increased

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