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enema of Beef-tea and Brandy, given one or two hours before
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gravi periculo aegri, ut ipsi sacrarnenta conferantur.^'' (Gury,
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suggesting this action, it v^^as finally decided upon.
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permitting the blood to be thrown back, will cause disease of
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the disease, which may be rendered curative with proper care.
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poison (for in the transition of the decay it is a poison,) is suffi-
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Cajeput, when the circulation is very feeble. A mild purga-
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tried. The remedy is usually given in sweetened orange flower
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The more remote from the day of conception, the less is
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to prevent undue determination of blood to the lungs, by
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backward to the ears, giving rise to that peculiar expression
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tive exerts its influence, we employ diaphoretics and alkaline
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ficiently strong to support itself in the erect position ; upon
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problem because of two tilings, intense impulsiveness and abso-
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it on hot stones or iron plates, or by simmering it over an
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the tenderness was not marked. Temperature slightly ele-
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Peninsula, and had by 1823 extended itself in one direction,
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patients be kept near the waking margin rather than deeply
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turn to pnge 220, Specific Diagnosis, and read the chapter on
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can be no mistake. Give it in doses of ten to twenty grains
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regards the rabidity of the animal inflicting the wound, when
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satisfactory, for the result is mainly cutaneous, but the treat-
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healthy portions of the skin. To the superstition, that, in certain
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tal or bodily exertion. Through want of sleep the whole
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When there is evident lesion of the blood it is necessary to

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