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The food should be of the most bland description, and such

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again swallowed wood splinters, which were felt in the abdomen.

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tology than this: There is an exception to the rule in the

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others have to improvise at haphazard any kind of shelter for

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Asst. Surgeon H. N. T. Harris, reported for duty at Naval Hos-

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non-symmetrical resection of boch bones, as follows : 2-|

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region of the kidneys, and extends down to the lower portion

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It is not known whether the tuberculous matter is directly

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cessful. The Extract of Tobacco has been successfully used

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outbreak. It seemed as if, to use the common expression,

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over any part of the chest; they are nearly, if not quite, equal

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tion of iodoform to their burns, and are soon fit to be moved. The

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wet bandage a most efficient application in many cases, and

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tion of Citrate of Potash, so that two or three drachms will

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Lieiit.-Col. Wallace Scott, of Toronto, had handled 13,000 pa-

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doses of Tincture of Gelseminum. So certain is it in its

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that it may advantageously take the place of stimulant appli-

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nearly four hundred persons sitting down. On Friday there was a

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Born in Flora, Wellington county, in 1854, he was edu-

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in frequency. It is evidenced by a deep blowing or filing

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then ceased until the irritation subsides, answers the purpose;

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Inhalers, Inhalations and Inhalants. By Beverley Robinson, M. D.,

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which poliomyelitis is most prevalent. After twelve hours to

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corpulency of the patient, united with great difficulty by means of

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when injected was readily absorbed by the intestines and ex-

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