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tion at once ; others propose it only after the failure of tipping.
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exposes or covers a slot on rotation. A collapsible rubber
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attending it must vary, and assume more or less precise char-
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early stages as pernicious, by rendering the patient more
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standing the work which so many eager and enthusiastic inquirers
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the body, accounts for the general derangement that follows
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strong violet odor was discharged. On the next day there was a
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very little but blood seems to be passed. According to Dr.
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common condition); or the use of dilute Muriatic Acid, when
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body to disease. Many of these also improve innervation
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secreted, and the bladder is usually found empty on post
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lobelia herb. It need not be given to produce nausea, though
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the waste of tissue, and in the same proportion increasing nu-
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of my opinion in advising against surgical interference. Here
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is not allowed, and require that such particles at least as
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was much above the average size, and had been surprised at
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44 At the end of the thirteenth day a more serious exacerba-
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In the second class of cases, the disease comes on insidiously,
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great importance, and not an easy matter. I may say,
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At special meetings of the Board of Examiners of the
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of the cylindrical epithelium. 4. The coccus works its way
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The Association requires members who can be rated at five
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ations due to rheumatism. Of those whom he has seen within the
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as the disease advances, it is muco-puriform sanious, concreted
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on its side for some seconds with the upper parts a littl/e
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like investment. The numbers so far issued for 1887 fully maintain

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