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various parts of the body, loss of appetite and general weak-

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kyphosis, subclavicular abscess, partial paralysis of right arm ; re-

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permanent benefit. On the contrary, notwithstanding the powers of the

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to locate the gonoeocci in the urethra, and treat those portions.

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London at the lime the paper was written, he felt rather surprised that no

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owing to such operations. The other three classes — 4th, Ventilation ; 5th,

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on passing from the air into the cornea and aqueous humour. So little

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and management of the hospital generally. The Board so far

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cord was seldom very intense, while in frequent in-

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blood-vessel wall; 4, temperature of the part furnish-

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the English mixture of chloroform, ether and alcohol

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of the stomach at 57, and a brother of carcinoma of the face,

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put aside till it cools, and of this a Avine-glassful is taken. It might be sup-

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ment is applied, the conjunctiva should be well cleansed with warm water,

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atively small proportion of apparent direct conjugal

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directing the sanitary conditions surrounding the patient, of

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Asylum, the physician-superintendent, Dr. Clouston, in

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in which the tuberculosis germ can be universally dis-

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be of some importance to medical sanitarians of the United

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persons were killed and 44,620 injured, a total of 51,743

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after waking, her mind was perfectly clear, and the cure was perfect.

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in China. — The Medical Missionary Society in China: address, &c. 8vo.,

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stating in his lectures, and it has been confirmed within these fifteen years

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to the liter were noted, but this condition was speedily cor-

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meningitis and diphtheria less than usually prevalent.

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— ^The meeting of this Society, in Keokuk, Iowa, April 3,

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29 years of age, who gave a history of having sprained his

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annoyed for ten months with what at first he regarded

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