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that this qualification is higher than any in Canada,
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The disease sometimes continues for days, or even weeks, ter-
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pain about the third day, but the arachnoid, it would appear,
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pneumonia. Even with the employment of salicene and the
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Again, there are cases in which it is impossible to check the
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A postponed meeting of the Board of Examiners was held on May
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ruptured, and they yield to the ulcerative process so slowly
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butter. If the appetite is impaired, and evidence of want of
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nfection, and characterized by a specific eruption.
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form introduced was very small — .75 gm. Three hours after
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costive ; thirst urgent ; urine scanty, high-colored and scald-
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examination, or the wife has repeatedly miscarried without
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fever is developed. And to some extent it is propagated in
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matism, but believes its especial value is to be found in the
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loading, but with due protection, especially of the feet,
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pain being exquisitely sharp, tearing or lancinating, and in
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being aptly illustrated by reports of several cases. These
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