diabetes insipidus or mellitus, an examination of the urine


of the surface, which gradually assumes a rose-red color, and

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in young and robust subjects, but without becoming critical.

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that a woman, after childbearing, should make her first

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take the sufest method, by conferring baptism per vnmersionem, thus: th«

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lids. The first symptoms of which the patient complained was

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portions of his body are oedematous, who suffers from vague

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After the first treatment but one needle was use 1. There

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"Our far- west sister makes the best average showing of any State in

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by thin, blue, contracted s1<in. The pus is plentiful, thin and

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Academy since its inception were too valuable to lose. Ho\-

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This compact little volume deals with the problems involved

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pense of the gubernaculum, and afterwards at the expense of the

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one arising from accumulation of the smegma praeputiale

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tive nutrition or inanition, an excessive production and discharge of

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consequent upon it being as various. If we except acute in

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forming minor surgical operations. Two hospitals should be

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respiration may be variously altered ; sometimes the pulmonary

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certain to perpetuate disease, and sometimes will produce it.

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matism, but believes its especial value is to be found in the

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seems to give way slowly until it reaches the chronic stage,

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very considerable and favorable comment. The elevation of

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on the sixth I detected a slight odor in the lochia. That

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These symptoms may give way in a few hours, secretion

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some there is marked febrile action and arrest of secretion, in

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we desire to be accurate, a small portion of urine should be

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position of the blood, and support the system, are the obvious

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apt to diminish the danger of inordinate emotions, and still

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Diagnosis. — We diagnose acute nephritis by the deep seated

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